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Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association

Incorporated in 1910, the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association (SLSA) celebrated its Centennial year by commissioning the design for a new logo, website, tradeshow/ recruitment display, and a cover for their book outlining the hundred-year history of Land Surveying in Saskatchewan.

The mandate for the SLSA logo was to create an identifier that reflected the diversity of the profession, incorporating symbolism representing various aspects of surveyors’ work.

The logo we designed is built on a dramatic, perspectival view of a “Saskatchewan-like” rectangle, that is also based on the 6 x 6 township block. The high angle view is reflective of the use of advanced satellite technologies in accomplishing surveyors‘ important work. Shapes of green and gold and bands of blue represent forest, agriculture, water systems and the natural boundaries that are part of a surveyors’ work; the gridlines speak to subdivision of the land on rural and urban scales.

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contennial book cover