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Sarilia Country Estates

Land developers, Riverview Cottage Country, were in the initial planning stages of a riverside property development near Saskatoon. They hold high ideals about the nature of responsible and ecologically-sound land development, and came to us requiring everything from photographs of the land, to the name of the development itself, and all marketing resources. We researched the background of the land, suggested a number of relevant, memorable names, and together settled on Sarilia Country Estates, to honour the early Doukhobor settlers in that area. From there, we developed a variety of communications tools.Our client was one of the leading lights in what has since developed into an abundance of rural living opportunities, and has been very successful in their ventures. Media mix:

  • Name & Logo
  • Print – mailers, brochure
  • Display
  • Tradeshow presentation

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name and logo

image of name and logo


image of brochures and maps



tradeshow presentation

image of tradeshow presentation